BeetleStar – Nursery Lamps, Nightlights and Projection Lights


Welcome to   Our nursery lamps, nightlights and music-playing starlight projection lamps are designed to enhance your child’s sleep time environment.


BeetleStar Nursery Lamps are  colorfully designed energy-saving LED lamps unlike anything else you’ve seen.  Each double-sided design offers a bright light source using a UL-approved low-voltage power source and LED bulb.  The lamps are bright, easy-to-operate with our in-line on/off switch and produce almost no heat.


The Beetlestar Galaxy is an extraordinary night light companion for your child’s nursery or bedroom. Battery operated and touch-activated, the Beetlestar projects a constellation pattern of stars and planets onto the ceiling and walls of your child’s room, transforming it with the soft glow of an evening sky.


Our Music Whale is an extraordinary projection light that combines a bright star pattern with a pleasing lullaby music selection.  Individual touch controls permit the selection of the projection light with or without music.  The music is a celestially inspired version of Brahm’s classic lullaby that can be selected to play for either 10 or 20 minutes.


The Macy Nightlight is a motion-activated battery powered nightlight.  Designed to aid parents during night-time nursery visits, a simple rocking motion is all that’s required to activate Macy’s internal LED light for 15 minutes.  An additional short motion will de-activate Macy if needed.


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Product Review:  Here’s a link to a nice write-up on BeetleStar on The Gadgeteer:

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